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Millwood Spar Facilities:

Petrol Station:

We have 4 Shell fuel, petrol, diesel, Vpower petrol & Vpower diesel available on all our pumps. Each pump also carries diesel gloves and paper towels for your convenience. Shell pay & go is available using the Shell app connected to our free WIFI. The app also lets you use Shell Go+ for some great offers. We also have an air and water machine plus plenty of parking on the forecourt.

Car Wash:

We have a drive-through car wash, jetwash and hoover, all of which are being upgraded to accept contactless payment. The carwash can be used in all weather conditions down to around -3 due to its automatic roller doors and heating system. The carwash area can be found at the rear of the site with easy access due to a one-way system. Coming soon!! New high foam jetwash (September 2019).

Hot Food:

We have a good selection of hot food freshly prepared daily (Mon-Sat). Whether it's a bacon roll at 7am or a sausage  roll at lunchtime we have it covered. If you just want to heat a pasty or burger from the chiller we do have free to use  microwave. 

Costa Coffee:

There's always someone buying a Costa so to help make sure the queue isn't too long we have two high spec Costa Express machines. Both of which serve the great range of Costa flavours from salted caramel to vanilla. All available in both Regular & Large. Go treat your self tomorrow morning!


Our cash machine is available 24/7.

National Lottery:

We can sell you a ticket for any of the online lottery games or simply check your old slips. And we always have a great selection
of Lottery scratch cards. 

Off Licence:

We carry a large range of beer, cider, wines and spirits. All the white and rose wine along with most of the beer and cider are chilled ready to take home and enjoy. Please keep an eye on our great promotions which change every three weeks. We are adding some non-alcoholic beer to the range this October. 


We carry a comprehensive range of groceries including chilled and frozen for all your mealtime needs. From tins of beans to ready meals. We always try to stock a good range of locally produced products. From Frocester Farm Fayre to Winstone Icecream we only stock the best. All backed up with a huge range of branded and unbranded products from Spar.

Tel: 01453 549742

Millwood Shell Spar garage

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